There is no incentive for the people to submit their web sites to the web directories, unless it is a SEO friendly (sef) web directory. Why is that so? Really? How one can make a SEO friendly directory? What are the criteria of SEO friendliness? That many questions arise when someone mentions SEO friendliness. That article has itself as a goal to answer these questions in order to provide a comprehensive guide for the directory businessmen.

The definition of SEO friendly web directory

What does the SEO friendly directory mean? "SEO Friendly" means: the pages of a directory where listed links appear are spiderable. These pages can be scanned by the search engine robots and that is why the links on them can be cached and assigned a page rank.

SEO friendly directories are helpful

Why SEO friendliness is the only incentive for people to submit their websites to a directory? It is so because sef directories are useful in promoting the websites and non sef directories do not bring any value at all. SEO friendly web directory improves the PR of the websites listed and that is exactly what all people want. A directory that meets the needs of the clients has a chance to be appreciated by them thus to get the submissions of high quality websites and also to charge for the listing. These facts made every good webmaster think about creating sef directories.

The criteria of SEO friendly web directory

The definition gives a worthy notion though in order to create a sef directory one needs to know the specific information. What are the criteria of the SEO friendly web directory? According to the experienced web masters there is a number of don