Some people wonder why webmasters do create directories at all. One would say that they are born thousands everyday and they die out thousands the next month. What is the reason to create them? Money, SEO, some indirect benefits? People do not know how they can utilize their directories to the fullest and newbies do not know the purpose of directories at all.

In fact there are so many ways that directories are used for. It is not only links, but rather a valuable source of information and monetizing. It is helpful as for the visitors of the website as for the web directory owners. All reasons why directories are being created you can explore in that article. First of all, let us remind the history of the directories. For the first time the directories were created when the number of the websites in the Internet has significantly increased. It has become difficult to find relevant and quality websites. That was Yahoo who has first implemented the websites' descriptions and their listings in catalogs. And that has become something that we call "directory" today. So, the first purpose of creating a directory was making the catalog of relevant websites.

Among the types of directory one can generally outline two main types. First is a directory as a separate website and the second when a directory is a part of another main website. This separation does not really change the matter; just the importance is that directories can be applied in different situations and for different purposes. Primarily there are three fundamental purposes why directories are being created. They are:

  • SEO purposes
  • Monetizing
  • Quality resource

Let us look through all three and that will give you an insight in the web directory nature.

First goes SEO benefit. With about 20 billions of websites in the World Wide Web the competition between websites has become tough. For every webmaster it has become really hard to attract the visitors and manage the search engine results. They thrive to have high Page Rank, Traffic, Popularity, Visitors Loyalty and High earning potential. That is all about SEO. Directories contribute to SEO in many ways. Read further the details.

If you know at least some basic information about Search Engine Optimization it must be clear for you that the content of the website is one of the main factors. The better the quality of the content is the better SEO is. So, now you might guess that a web directory is a great part of the website's content. Besides, the web directory content is not ordinary