We at eSyndiCat.com are glad to introduce our Affiliate Program which you can join to earn comissions from our directory software. We are constantly improving our products by investing time, knowledge, effort, and money into it. That's why this powerful directory script is becoming more and more popular among webmasters. This is a good news for you as a potential partner since popular products are easier to sell and thus earn more money.

How It Works

Below is a simple scenario of how our affiliate program works.

Once you join our program you have to generate some html code to put on your site. This html snippet includes eSyndiCat.com banner and a link that uniquely identifies you as our partner (by passing affiliate ID) and leads to eSyndiCat.com

When a visitor surfing your site clicks on this banner he is taken to eSyndiCat.com and tagged as coming from your site. Due to the unique link that passes your affiliate partner id the system knows where the visitor is coming from. Later, when this visitor purchases a copy of our directory software the system automatically assigns certain amount of money to your affiliate account. That's how funds are accumulated in your account.

As you see the process is fully automated. All you have to do is place a small piece of html code on your site.

We transfer funds to your PayPal account on the 1st, each month. All the payouts are done automatically. For the money to be transferred you have to accumulate at least $50 in your affiliate account. This is the release level in our affiliate program.

Terms and Conditions

Here at eSyndiCat.com we have been thinking about the most convenient terms and conditions for us and for our partners, and here is what we have come up with so far:

  • If you sell up to 30 licenses of eSyndiCat Directory Software you get 10% of each sale.
  • Selling from 31 to 60 copies will put 15% of each sale into your pocket.
  • Finally, if you accumulate more than 60 sales you get 20% of each new sale.

Coming Soon