Default version of eSyndiCat PRO means the standard graphical template (skin) that is used with eSyndiCat PRO version and no custom modifications were applied to the standard script code or template.

In case your eSyndiCat PRO copy uses non-standard (custom made) template or some custom programming modifications were applied to the source code you should contact us for a quote.

The default version upgrade fee is just $50 (If you use standard template and no mods were applied to the script code). Also we can install any other standard template for the version you would like to upgrade to.

Note: Officially, We do not support versions below 2.3.X (e.g. 2.1.X, 2.2.X). The 2.3 version was almost completely refactored and it’s definitely hard to upgrade all the plugins also.

Many upgrade things should be done manually and, of course, it takes much time. Thus the upgrade cost from older versions to the latest available version is higher than a standard cost. Currently it's $90.