If you like eSyndiCat but want additional functionality to be added then we can help you. Our team created eSyndiCat and keeps improving it every day. No one knows eSyndiCat so well as we do! We are open for any proposals about extra fuctionality for eSyndiCat from our clients. We take into consideration any offers from eSyndiCat users and try to include the most wanted functionality to every new version of the software.

Nevertheless in some cases when our clents want custom functionality that won’t be popular among most eSyndiCat users. In these cases we can develop extra functionality for extra fee. You make a request – our team evaluates the terms and fees. That’s not about money – our goal is to impove eSyndiCat in all directions helping every eSyndiCat user.

We have some standards when work with our clients:


You send us the requirements specification


We evaluate terms and fees


You pay the advance (10%) and we reserve our working time for you


When the time comes, you pay the rest (90%) and we start the work as agreed


The work is done and approved by you


We reply to you and let you know terms and fees (we tell you when we can start the work and how long it will take).

If you take a decision to hire our team to do the job for you then you should send us advance (10% of the final sum) within 48 hours from the moment you got the terms and fees from us. This advance is used to reserve time for your job.

When the start date of the project came our team starts working on your project and you should send us the rest part of the payment (90% of the final sum). From our side we guarantee to complete the work in time if:

  1. There was no act of God during the development process
  2. There were no delays from your side (e.g. your server wasn’t ready to start date of the project)
  3. No additions or changes were made to the initial requirements specification

In case you wish to add some changes or additions to the initial project the terms and fees should be reviewed.

NOTE: We accept the corrections to the modifications done by eSyndiCat team within 2 weeks (14 days) from the date of providing this modification to the end client for review. Any corrections requested after 2 weeks from review date are NOT accepted and can be done for extra fee that can be estimated by eSyndiCat team.

If the modification is not finished due to no response from the customer then we (eSyndiCat team) reserve(s) the right to switch our team to another project at that time with the ability to continue the suspended project when our team will have free time in the current schedule.

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