You can try our free version before the pro version purchase. Free edition is the limited version of our paid script and it does not include the major part of the functionality that comes in the paid version. Below you can see a list of key features that are missing in the free edition. You can also check the comparison chart to see the full list and choose the correct version for your website.

Our team is mainly focused on the paid version and therefore we do pay the greatest attention to the paid version development & support. Paid version customers have the higher priority and as a result they get a faster help if needed. Anyway, we will keep our free version stable and up-to-date.

The newest available stable version of the free edition is eSyndiCat 1.8 Cushy

		cush·y /ˈko͝oSHē/ 

		    (of a job, task, or situation) Undemanding, easy, or secure
		        - cushy software that does the tasks easily

			adjective: easy, comfortable, facile, soft, snug, light

You can also check the demo version. It includes the default installation without any custom tweaks. This is the version you get when you download the script. Frontend and Admin Panel demos are available. Use admin as username and password to login to admin panel.

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Directory Front End

  • eSyndiCat Home
    eSyndiCat Home
  • Suggest Listing
    Suggest Listing
  • View Listing
    View Listing
  • Suggest Category
    Suggest Category
  • New Listings
    New Listings
  • Listings Search
    Listings Search

Admin Panel Screenshots

  • Suggest Listing
    Suggest Listing
  • Manage Listing Fields
    Manage Listing Fields
  • Add Listing Field
    Add Listing Field
  • Browse Categories
    Browse Categories
  • Configuration
  • Language Manager
    Language Manager
  • Manage Pages
    Manage Pages
  • Manage Plans
    Manage Plans
  • Add Plan
    Add Plan

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Pro features missing in the free edition


No Plugins Functionality Support

eSyndiCat paid version functionality can be easily extended using tons of free plugins (along with many paid ones) that come with the version purchase. There is no way to use our extensive plugin system in free version.

Now the eSyndiCat Team provides 50+ plugins that can be added easily to your website.

"Powered-by" Branding Mandatory

We have been working on the eSyndiCat product since 2005 and we have put a lot of efforts, money, and nerves to make it powerful, stable, reliable, and easy to use. We only require free version users to keep the "Powered-by" link on pages.

We ask you to help us spread the software and keep the link intact. You are allowed to change the default logo and templates if you wish.


No Sponsored Listings

Sponsored Listings is one of the ways to monetize your web directory. You don't have any way to create sponsored plans to accept payments for the listing submissions.

Anyhow, if you are planning to organize a free directory website you can still monetize using the Google Adsense program. The free version provides a functionality that places Adsense ads easily.

No Advanced Fields Editor

eSyndiCat free version is only limited to several hardcoded listing fields. Your submitters can input listing title, description, URL, and reciprocal URL. These fields are enough to build a basic directory.

Paid version has a built-in fields manager and you can modify your listings field set through an admin panel. If you plan to get the max of your directory website we highly recommend to upgrade.


No Custom Pages & Menus Manager

Need more pages for your web directory? eSyndiCat paid version has a way to create custom pages and display them in your menus. You can edit your pages content trough a poweful WYSIWYG editor directly in your Admin Panel. Interested? Def you are!

This feature is missing in eSyndiCat free edition. You only need to spend $97 to get all these features in eSyndiCat paid version.

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