I want to share something about Esyndicat and it's staff members. I have met with many companies when was looking for a directory software and find them a out of my intention. But Esyndicat is WoW. I love esyndicat and all it's support staff members they are more helping and understanding the customer's need. Esyndicat is Rocks.

by Diolt, Apr 19, 2009

eSyndicat directory software is very powerfull and search engine friendly.

by Ardyhimovic, Mar 29, 2009

I took my time when searching for the best directory to choose. eSyndicat has all the features needed to run a directory site with flexibility and very simple to use.

by allimercy, Mar 17, 2009

I have to say that at first I was reluctant to buy the script as I was afraid of what the support may be like. I've had bad experiences with some other companies. I submitted a few pre sales questions and they were answered quickly. I am so pleased with this script I cant even put it into words. We all know that there are not any scripts that are free of bugs but if there is a bug in this script you can absolutely rely on the support staff. They are always so fast to get anything resolved. They even edited something for me due to the fault of my server (talk about above & beyond)., most other companies would say its not our script talk to your server. Simon and Sergey have all been great to speak with. Even if it is just questions about "can I do this or that" or "how would I do this or that". If you have been looking for a directory script this is it. I am well on my way to creating some more directories.

by Chris C., Mar 17, 2009

I am having great luck with this software. I am working on a couple more things and than I am definately going to upgrade. You guys make my site building easy

by Andy, Mar 3, 2009

What should I say more than: eSyndiCat it's the greatest directory software ever? I realized my own directory with just 2 clicks, with a great staff support, nice community and tons of plugins. That's the way I like! Rated: +++++!

by Mario C., Feb 19, 2009

Esyndicat is terrific. So much so... this is my second testimonial. The script really continues to develop and just keeps getting better. The live chat and forums support, and the staff's genuine willingess to help me find solutions is great.

by swabie2424, Jan 26, 2009

I love my esyndiCat directory software. I have three directories currently. About 90% complete with my first directory, eventandweddingpros.com. I love the support team. They really give a first class service of resolving issues, fixes or just simply help information. Sergey, one of team admin member is GREAT! Thanks eSyndiCat

by Jeff Brooks, Jan 21, 2009

The best software.

by Oskar Oswald, Jan 2, 2009

I did a lot of research, heard a lot, seen a lot, but at the end... eSyndicate, theire Partners and support Team is the only complete Service Provider. A very good "lets say; clean" product's, AND a support team what is a product on it's own. I am not a programmer, I delivered my "newbe" idea's and they the professional tools! Hope to see the next application, thank you all!

by tay, Dec 2, 2008