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    Yellowpages script

    Hi all,
    Please excuse me as this is my first post so i hope it is all done in the correct manor.

    I have esyndicat v2.3 which fair play guys... is an awesome tool!
    How i want to configure my site would be like a Uk national search directory very much like
    I'd want the home page to be very "Plain" so what would be met by my vistors would be search based... as in "i am looking for" (insert search ie plumber) "based in" (insert city/postcode).
    i am wondering if i have purchased the wrong script here as v2.3 seems very much a link exchange.

    I'd really appreciate some advise and pointers.

    Many thanks in advance and again a credit to esyndicat!
  2. aliyildiz

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    can we see demo, l would love to see your yellow pages.
  3. webejcomm

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    Simon , i too am interested in yellow pages, i am currently using your esyndicat , but need a feature for register user to post the enquiry to the listing owners.
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    The sooner, the better :)
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    if you want to create the yellow page site . then you can create the site in word press and any other framework....
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