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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by ionutpuscasu83, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. ionutpuscasu83

    ionutpuscasu83 Paid Customer

    Can anyone tell me witch is the best way to improve your traffic?
    1. To submit your site in other directories
    2. To add as many as possible listing in to your directory
    3. To write different post on forum and blogs and to use your site addres in your signature
    4. To use short keywords
    5. To use long keywords (phrases)
    6. To use mix keywords (also words and phrases)
    7. To send mass mails
    8. ...
  2. miszaqq

    miszaqq Paid Customer

    mix of all of them ?!
  3. ionutpuscasu83

    ionutpuscasu83 Paid Customer


    But witch are more important ? how would be better to split your time on this ?
  4. mkadams

    mkadams New Member

    You can use these option for promote this site and increase traffic:-
    * article submission
    * forum posting (through signature)
    * web directory submission
    * blog directory submission
    * participating in community sites like Yahoo Answers
    * press release submission
    * online group posting
    * promotional ads
    * link exchange
    * Social bookmarking in digg and deals.
    * Feed submission
  5. PaylessSEO

    PaylessSEO New Member


    Thanks for all the information, these are really useful tips. this will help all the newbies like me to develop their search engine optimization.
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  6. shazi786

    shazi786 New Member

    is there any tutorial for SEO options listed above?
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  7. webdesignfolkz

    webdesignfolkz New Member

    If you do all those says "mkadams" one day you will find yourself on the first page of Google and from that day you will get best ever possible traffic, that means, search engine is the best option to send best traffic if your keyword are perfectly chosen.

    Twitter and social site are good source for free traffic.
  8. artmacc44

    artmacc44 Paid Customer

    For local markets..press releases work well..prlog is free and their releases are showing up with my client website rankings..rss feeds work well...rssmixer...html2rss...submission of your site to local directories..google, yahoo and bing local...and use this universalbusinesslisting...hope it helps.Art
  9. jasonnur

    jasonnur New Member

    To increase your traffic, SEO internet marketing and complete link building solutions to increase your website visibility, SEO traffic, keyword positioning and to improve your overall search engine rankings, Alexa ranking and link building efforts
  10. jasonnur

    jasonnur New Member

    For better SEO, internet marketing and complete link building solutions to increase your website visibility, SEO traffic, keyword positioning and to improve your overall search engine rankings, Alexa ranking and link building efforts
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  11. andysyndicat

    andysyndicat Paid Customer

    I have a website that I have built with as much SEO initiative as possible. However, when checking my Google webmaster keywords it is selecting words from the location tab etc and not the main body of text. This is therefore effecting my status in google search. How can I correct this, so google sees more of the relevant keywords in the main body of text.
  12. foxery

    foxery New Member

    If you are facing same “problem” as a customer who submitted question above – you have managed to achieve already more then many blogs ever will. 1800 unique visitors per day is nothing to sneeze on and quite an accomplishment! In fact in some niches it might be close to maximum of what you will see, unless you start taking more direction actions…

    Step 1 – Evaluate Where Most Of Your Current Traffic Coming From

    Step 2 – Isolate 3 Traffic Sources And Identify What Promotion Associated With It

    Step 3 – Finding New Sources

    Hope this helps you !
  13. Addisonn

    Addisonn New Member

    Hello guys....!
    SEO is the best way to improve your website traffic....Forum posting,blog commenting,article submission ,social bookmarking,directory submission are the best search engine optimization strategies....!
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  14. jassmee

    jassmee New Member

    blog commenting and forum posting is great sites to improve your site ranking
  15. jonathan2340

    jonathan2340 New Member

    links improve traffic on your website. proper links like links from forums submissions and blog posts as well as article submissions are plays a vital role to improve traffic on your website.
  16. Ron Harrer

    Ron Harrer Paid Customer

    Make a lot of entries in esyndicat catalogues to get more links to your page! More quality links = more traffic!
  17. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    one more option is send Text Links Ads.
  18. bhatnagar.ashish001

    bhatnagar.ashish001 New Member

    For better seo you can hire seo services... they providing you best services .. and for get more traffic you have to do
    forum posting
    link building
    blog commenting
    social bookmarking
    directory sumbission etc..
  19. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member

    Forum posting is the best way to improve your traffic. Posting on forums with a link in your signature could result in quality backlinks, improving the popularity and overall search engine ranking of your website. When the search engine spiders crawls the forums, your signature links will be detected, and will provide you with many backlinks within a very short period of time.
  20. Rayhenry

    Rayhenry New Member

    to derive more and more traffic, you have to do the link building and social networking , these are the best ways to derive best traffic...

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