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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Greg Izett, May 5, 2006.

  1. Greg Izett

    Greg Izett New Member

    OK I found out that yahoo did not support htt.accses files, so I moved over to godaddy. So now I am having problems trying to run the SQL commands. I think I have the correct settings for dbname, username, password, and that funky name for host name. I am on the cheapest plan at godaddy, and have a limit of only 10 databases. It also seems that I have no controll over the db name , and that it is set to db_user name. Can anyone help?
  2. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Hi Greg (nice name :)

    Have you tried using "localhost" (without the quotes)
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Paid Customer

    With godaddy, you will get some different mysql hosts for every database as they are on different machines (usually). Localhost will not work. You can see the name of the host on the Info page of the database but they are not created right away, might take a few minutes for you to be able to view the info.

    If I were you, I'd drop godaddy and move to Host Gator. I had godaddy for a while and the reason I switched where:
    1) SLOW... Site load time was 3.1s, now it's 1.1s
    2) Can't have more than one site (you can but it doenst work the way you would want)
    3) limited mysql databases

    With hostgator, the speed is great, I have 7 sites running under one plan, the $10 plan and all work the way they should (without forwarding like godaddy). Also, unlimited mysql databases (they use localhost to make it easier).

    Thats my 2cents.

    I did use my affiliate link above, I'd like if if you would leave it in if you go with godaddy but that is up to you.

    Let me know if you have any questions about either place, I've used both but now only hostgator
  4. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    We use resellerzoom.com hosting. $4.95 per month, up to 50 domains, unlimited databases + all the software works just fine with our script. If it's not a problem for you I can advise to move to this hosting. Better solution we found
  5. linky

    linky Paid Customer


    I was using webgemshosting.net for a little over a yr. Recently I switched to godaddy because of the amount of space and bandwidth available. After reading this I cancelled my godaddy and will be switching to resellerzoom (or hostgator) on Monday. Thx for the info, guys.


  6. Ryan

    Ryan Paid Customer

    Very good choice to get away from Godaddy.
  7. scanreg

    scanreg Paid Customer

    Is resellerzoom really for real???

    $4.95/mo total for their budget package?

    and you get decent speed and support?

    How long have you been with them?
  8. tina

    tina Paid Customer

    In the several years that I have been involved in web site development there are only two products/services I have ever highly recommended. One being eSyndiCat and the other being www.hostdime.com for web hosting.

    There is a common theme between the two and that theme being outstanding customer service. I've been using hostdime for almost fours years now and these guys are great. That's not to say some of the other hosts recommended in this thread are not also very good. Just that I've been very happy with Host Dime and wanted to give them a mention.

    I've been involved in several support type forums such as this one, and there are a handful of web hosts that come up again and again that people are having problems with in terms of supporting the particular software being discussed. I've come to the opinion that some hosts are geared mostly to serving web sites that are mostly static HTML. As well as other web hosts that are perhaps not as "hand holding" however give the web site owner the ability to really get in and tinker with things.

    There is nothing wrong with either, every success entriprise needs to have their niche. I just feel its important that when choosing a web host, it's set up to support your particular needs.

    Be well,
  9. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    Everything is OK! We are using it almost one year and we had no problem during this time. I highly recommend it.
  10. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Questions :

    I'm on Yahoo Webhosting but considering a change. If I opt to set up my directory in a new host :

    1. - Kindly submit your suggestions for webhosts in Europe (Resellerzoom is only for US)
    2. - that have no problem with .htaccess files
    3. - where eSyndicate works
    4. - Most important : How long does it take to register a new name and actually get access to it.

  11. Ryan

    Ryan Paid Customer

    See my suggestion above. If you want to see how fast my host is, run this tool: http://www.iwebtool.com/speed_test on my site and you will see the load speed.

    I now have 12 websites running under the one plan for $10 a month and can keep adding them as its unlimited for domains and databases.
  12. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Thanks Ryan.
    i did check out Hostgator yesterday, but nowehere does it say how long they will take to activate my new domain, once paid for...can anybody tell me how long it takes? For a new domain, not transfer.

    I need this new domain up within the next 24 hours or it wont be worthwhile for me.
  13. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    It's not only for US! Why do you think so?
  14. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    I'm checking this again, but 2 days ago it was in black & white on their site.
  15. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    back to confirm that it seems its now for international buyers too.
  16. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Alright so now i'm looking into resellerzoom.
    can anyone tell me, from experience how long it took to get their new domain activated?
  17. WTM

    WTM Loyal User

    Account will be created within few hours. I did not transfer - just changed DNS. I would say it took less than 12 hours for all changes to take an effect.
  18. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Thanks WTN.
    i just purchased a new domain for my directory, and am anxiously awaiting the activation. Doubt I'll be lucky today though, public holiday...but we'll see.
  19. Ryan

    Ryan Paid Customer

    Depends, I purchase my domains with Godaddy and then add them to my hosting account at Host Gator. All in all, my domain is active within a half hour or less and is reachable with the url.
  20. Vincent Wright

    Vincent Wright New Member

    When you create a web site account it takes some time for hosting company's DNS server to propagate DNS info to other DNS servers. In theory this may take up to three days. In practice several hours is enough sometimes.

    I found this article pretty interesting.

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