want to build a directory similar to yellow pages... should i wait?

Discussion in '[obsolete] Yellow Pages Script' started by isntworkdull, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. isntworkdull

    isntworkdull New Member

    Hi all

    completely new to all this, i have a online shop but i want to make a directory that will advertise customers who install my products (and similar products).

    so i would want a set up like yellow pages, and i came across this site while looking into directories.

    basically while reading your forum i see you are releasing a new script next month which is apply called yellow pages...

    so i wanted to know should i buy your script now, and upgrade to the yellow pages when it comes out?

    or would it be better to just wait and buy the yellow pages version?

    please advise

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  2. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to our support forums

    Well, James.. it depends on what you really need. You say you want it like yellow pages - basically you can build a site now using our default version. You can just create address fields, install several plugins like Google Map, search by distance and locations. It's possible this functionality will be enough for your kind of site.

    Please let us know more functionality that you need and if possible specific features you would like to see on your site. I can then advise if you can use default version
  3. isntworkdull

    isntworkdull New Member

    hi simon

    Thanks for the reply, i'll try to go through some of the important features i need below and explain what it is i am trying to do, so hopefully you can advise me on what solution is best.

    First i should point out this is going to be a UK website, based on UK locations, how that is searched i am yet to decide, i was thinking the easiest way might be to create a category for all UK counties and major cities. comes to about 120 categories.

    I then have 3 service categores : CCTV installer, Alarm installer, Access Control installer.

    I need my customers to be able to choose what kind of installer they need, and then either choose or type in there location and search to find all the installers i have listed who work in that area.

    From the installer point of view, i would like to be able to select not only what service they offer, but what areas they cover. And i was thinking this could be limited depending on what listing type they have, i.e free listings can only pick 1 service & 1 area... paid = more etc...

    Home Page[/B
    On my home page i wold like to be able to add "featured installers", i would like this in the main content randomly selecting say 8/10 installers from a list of featured installers i input.

    i would also like to see the latest installers to be added to the site and the latest customer reviews of any installers.

    i would also like a large list of popular counties / cities

    all the above with links to there respective pages.

    Installer Page
    On the installer details page i want there name and address of course, along with contact details i.e telephone, fax, email & website.
    then there company opening hours.
    to the left of there details i would like there company logo.

    below that i want a company profile, provided by the installer.

    then i would like to list any organisations / associations that the installer is a member of.

    then a map of there location, and list of other categories they are listed in.

    obviously i would like the installers to be able to log in and change there information them selves.

    With regards the order of listings i would like to be able to choose if i want the list ordered alphabetically or by "review ratings".

    I also want to be able to set as many different listing types as i want, i.e free, standard, medium, high, etc.. and then to be able to set priority to listing types, so high are always first in listing, medium then below them etc.

    this is all i can think of at the moment but i'm sure more will come to me later and i'll just post it in here...

    If you have any suggestions on how i could move forward with this, i would be very grateful.


    P.s heres a good directory here in the uk http://www.freeindex.co.uk/
    i like the funtionality of that site, so am looking for similar, but obviously with my own design...
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  4. Sai_dallas

    Sai_dallas Paid Customer

    If you have time to build your own - go for it, if not wait and see what Simon will come up with!
  5. isntworkdull

    isntworkdull New Member

    i dont have the ability to build my own lol... let alone the time..

    but simon asked me to point out some functionality i wanted, and he could advise on whether this program would do the job...

    any advice simon?

  6. zeek

    zeek Paid Customer

    but if we build the yellow pages site using the current plugins, will we be able to upgrade to the yellow pages package?

  7. zeek

    zeek Paid Customer

    any updates? is this project dead?
  8. Greg

    Greg Moderator

  9. zeek

    zeek Paid Customer

    thanks for the news Greg. at least i know there is some progress.
  10. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Greetings all,

    Well, it's time to raise this old thread as we have great news about our yellow pages script. Finally it's ready and it's going to be released within next few days.

    You can find a demo adapted for USA restaurants directory here:

    Yellow Pages Script - restaurants demo

    Please ask if you have any questions.

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