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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Cris Santos, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Test me please!!

    Please can you test my directory?
    I'm most worried about the speed that the 'suggest-link' page takes to upload.

    Please ignore layout, categories, etc...none of tht is complete yet....just tell me how your browsers work in my directory.

    The directory : http://www.the-c-directory.com/travel/
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  2. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    All i'm asking is for you to view my directory and tell me if you see any problems in your specific browser...

    come on, a little support pleaaase... :poka:
  3. martinm

    martinm Paid Customer

    Ignore layout and categories? OK.

    It loads in firefox 1.5.03. Also loads in 8.52 opera. Also loads in lynx. Speed seems fine to me.

  4. gb

    gb Paid Customer

    do you think we can download different browsers than you can?
    speed is ok.
  5. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos Paid Customer

    Well, gb, everyone sees things differently. Its not just the browser issue, its the size of your screen, the system you're seeing it on...i'm on a Mac browsing in Safari. A LOT of thedirectories i've visited from members here align completely differently on a mac/Safari than on a IE/Windows...!

    But thanks for feedback - all is very helpful.
  6. gb

    gb Paid Customer

    well, safari is definately not a browser to seriously test websites on. you should get a cheap Windows PC for testing anyway.

    i have difficulties understanding your website with the categories on the right and same content in the middle. maybe just not used to this kind of layout... :poisk:
  7. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    Your site speed is OK with my computer also, Cris!

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