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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Greg, May 9, 2006.

  1. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Just dowloaded the latest version of SunnyDay Template
    This file is in the css folder:

    What's that for?
  2. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    May be its to show the difference from your own copy and the new copy??? Ie .swp (swop) So Ol' timers don't get confused :bebebe:

    Other than that nooo idea %)

    How's you doing petal today anyway??? :kiss:
  3. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    See Simon ignores me too. (joke Simon :D

    How am I doing? My Bro is driving me %)
  4. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    :eek:fftopic: Oh dear, well try to stay chipper hun, and when you get a chance drop me a line ;)

    Your not the only one feeling miserable by the way...not going to my nieces wedding in Italy, scheduled for end of month...and i waaaaas sooooo looking forward to it bwaaaah... :cry:
  5. dousma

    dousma Paid Customer

    Is the SunnyDay Template in the download sectie already upgraded to version 1.2 or is it still version 1.1
  6. Greg

    Greg Moderator

  7. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    No need for that file, Greg. Nick just forgot to close that file in VIM when he was creating a zip file :rolleyes:

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