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Discussion in ' Site and Forums Questions' started by Ashmac94, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Ashmac94

    Ashmac94 Paid Customer


    I created an account on my site and clicked 'Click Here to add one' to create a new listing. However it sends me to a blank page?

    heres the url it sends me to:

    You can try creating an account and submitting a listing for yourself, it doesn't work, it just sends you to a broken page.

    What could be wrong? I just hope i'm the only one to get this bug

    Ash Mclellan
  2. Ashmac94

    Ashmac94 Paid Customer

    FIXED! Once again the support team save the day! Thanks esyndicat
  3. JPMarichal

    JPMarichal New Member

    May you share with me the solution? I have exactly the same problem here.
  4. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Greetings JPMarichal!
    Welcome to our support forums!
    Please submit a ticket at our helpdesk, we will help you to fix the problem.

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