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  1. dominik

    dominik Paid Customer

    Hello everybody!

    I offer reciprocal link exchanges for sites with page-topics like travel, holidays or lodging.

    My linking-details:

    Title: Holiday accommodations in Europe and the Mediterranean
    Description: is your free directory of holiday accommodations in Europe and the Mediterranean.
    The quality of every lodging is approved by an editor. Landladies and landlords can add hotels, summer cottages and holiday homes for free.
    Renters and tourists find their desired lodging quickly.


    HTML-Code (einfach kopieren und einf├╝gen):
    <a href="">Holiday accommodations in Europe and the Mediterranean</a>

    I am looking forward for link partnerships. Please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Best regards,

  2. marktbrasil

    marktbrasil New Member

    I will request link change with you !
  3. Jsoft

    Jsoft New Member

    I've sent you an email.
  4. dominik

    dominik Paid Customer

    OK, please send me an email about that, marktbrasil.
  5. Cuba Hostels

    Cuba Hostels New Member

    Travel Link Exchange

    Hello webmaster

    I have a web site of travel and i want exchange reciprocal links with relation site.
    My web site is and have a directory travel.

  6. quintin671

    quintin671 New Member

  7. emlegaspi


    Links Exchange

    Hello everybody!

    I, too, am offering reciprocal link exchanges to travel-related websites.

    Please link to our site using the following:

    Title: Boracay Budget Travel Tips

    Description: Discover the secret to an amazing Boracay vacation in Boracay Philippines. Get a free travel guide and budget tips for a safe, affordable and memorable travel to this tropical island beach resort. Enjoy Boracay's unspoiled waters, pristine beaches and awesome sunsets.
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  8. websync

    websync New Member

    I have both of you PM. In have some site related to travel and tourism and I am interested in three way link exchange. Just pm me if anyone is interested.
  9. marcolav

    marcolav Paid Customer

    Hello there

    Please PM me

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  10. dalem

    dalem Paid Customer


    Hello Dominik

    There are a lot of server/script errors on your site when I visited.

    All of these links give 404:

    About Us | Contact Us | News | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Help | Tell A Friend | Advertise on the accommodation directory | Imprint

    Also top menu USEFUL RESOURCES gives smarty/mysql errors

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