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Discussion in 'Marketplace / Link Exchange' started by vccowner, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. vccowner

    vccowner Paid Customer

    Hi, I purchased eSyndicat pro a couple of years ago, but really didn't do anything with it. Now I am looking to install it on one of my websites, and I was trying to how you make money with this software.

    The portfolio sites I looked at all had free reciprical links, or free registration. I see the investment side (licensing fees, domain name, hosting, etc.), but how about the return on investment?

    How do you make the bulk of your money?

    How much money are the top sites bringing in every month?

    How much time do you have to invest to have a top generating site?

    Currently having some issues with the install, and I am trying to figure out if it's worth the time and money to get this thing up and going.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sai_dallas

    Sai_dallas Paid Customer

    Directory as a business is a dead cat.

    You can keep killing it..

    If you have passion for something and add/allow those listings only you can run the directory.

    It is more like a hobby - not way to make money.
  3. radustoia

    radustoia Paid Customer

    After 6 months I started to get some paid links and advertising,
  4. Sai_dallas

    Sai_dallas Paid Customer

    if you can build PR sure you can make some money.
  5. Healthcare

    Healthcare New Member

    I agree , To make money, it's necessary to build PR.

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