Problem with categories after installation.

Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by PaulD, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. PaulD

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    I have installed the free version of eSyndiCat on my website but have a problem. It installed easily and with a great install package. The admin section is easy to use and I am very impressed with the whole package. Can't wait to get started with it but....

    When I click on my test category, a php script appears to be calling a page that returns an error404, but then it seems to re-request and the page hangs up registering lots of lots of e404 pages.

    I think I might have a file missing, have checked all the folders and can't find anything that seems out of order.

    Any suggetions warmly recieved, thank you.


    PS Sorry this is in the wrong category, should have been in the forum above this one. I can't move it or delete it so would an admin move it for me - sorry.
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  2. Dave Baker

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  3. PaulD

    PaulD New Member

    Thanks Dave, managed to find the problem. For some reason my ZIP program refused to unpack the htaccess file. I tried renaming it and all sorts of things. In the end I downloaded the whole package again from a different computer and managed to unpack it. As soon as I FTP'd it up everything was perfect.

    This is not only great directory software, it is one of the nicest and most user friendly applications I have used. Easy to use but sophisticated. I love it and can't wait to devote some real time to it and to get to grips with the templates.

    Thank you.

  4. Dave Baker

    Dave Baker New Member

    You're welcome :)

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