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  1. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member


    Just to keep you informed about the status and the progress with our new version release.

    We hope to release 2.3.05 patch in January, though we still have 33 active opened ticket for the patch. Anyway, some of the issues are really small so I think we can release the patch in time. It's going to be the final version for PHP4 so we hope to make it as stable as possible. Anyway, if any bugs found we will still fix them and release patch if needed.

    According to the statistics now about 80% of hosting servers use PHP5 and we are going to release eSyndiCat 3.0 version that will be re written for PHP5 specifically. All the features that were planned for 2.4 version will be implemented in our 3.0 version. They are: usergroups, menus management, multi lingual support, etc.

    That's the plan :)
  2. CKENT

    CKENT Paid Customer

    Are we going to have to pay again for the 3.0 version Simon? I noticed you went by way of the vbulletin licensing scheme.

    What about those of us that purchased before the license changed? I ask because I am about to upgrade to unlimited and dont want to spend the money if a new version is going to come out soon.
  3. xprtweb

    xprtweb Paid Customer

    That is good but ....

    Newer versions are always very tempting because they have nice new & desirable features. Upgrading, though from,, ...2. ....3 & of late have however been nightmarish for me, because often mostly plugins cannot just be plugged into the new system + some break the site & must be disabled & then require countless support sessions (which I'm sure can be a bit tiring also for support staff) and can stretch over weeks before everything works without a hitch.

    This happened each time ...

    Can we be sure & v.3.0 will be tested exhaustively with the different plugins [take into account plugin modifications made above to get the site to work properly after such upgrades] before being released?
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  4. truthonlytruth

    truthonlytruth Paid Customer

    All previous licenses should be excluded from new policies or policy changes...
    If you purchase your script with lifetime support and update you do not need to worry about it, You will be under your old policy (The policy that you purchase)...
    I have 2 IBP (Invision Power Board) and 3 VBulletin Licenses and all 5 scripts are lifetime free update and support licenses (My IPB licenses are 9 years old. Vbulletins are almost 10 years old)... and No one can touch those policies... That does not mean that some companies do not try, as Vbulletin did but they lost the case and right now we all have our Free updates and support licenses..
    Good luck
  5. CKENT

    CKENT Paid Customer

    Yes however what I am worried about is if I upgrade to unlimited it will change my license terms.
  6. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    No, the changes will be related to new customers only. Customers that already have a license still have the same life time license :) We would not be so cruel to change the terms for our current friends

    So, upgrade is welcome ;)

    Sorry, I am not sure here. Right now we cannot find the acceptable solution for the easy upgrade. There are several ways but they are not easy. Anyway, we are working on the new upgrade system in our Subrion script (it will merge the files, custom mods will be preserved) and once we make sure it's ok we will implement it in eSyndiCat script. Right now I can say and that's said - if you have a highly modified website upgrade is not going to be one click easy, sorry.

    Agree. No changes for the current customers here, so no panic please :)

    No, new license policy is not 100% implemented now. License changes will be 100% functional once we release new version.
  7. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    This may be of some help.
  8. osr

    osr Paid Customer

    Any news about 3.0?
    Releasedate, new features, ....?
  9. smartpc

    smartpc Paid Customer

    :yahoo: cant wait...
  10. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    Anything new about 3.0?
    Or have you stopped developing with the idea to merge it with your Subrion software?
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  11. Ricardo Corai

    Ricardo Corai Paid Customer

    Any news about this announcement?
    Maybe for christmas? :forgive:

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