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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by uberprint, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. uberprint

    uberprint Paid Customer


    Does anyone know of a script which will allow customers to add photos of there products to there listings?

  2. claramolee

    claramolee New Member

    i am also searching for this kind of services..hope i will get this solution from here......:yahoo:
  3. mohawk

    mohawk Paid Customer

    manage listing feilds add field choose Gallery of images

    would be a simple answer

    set max to 2 (gives 3 images )
    3500 size
    225 thumb

    will give you a row of 3 images

    max5 =6 pics
    max8 = 9 pics
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  4. jassmee

    jassmee New Member

    some sites provides the gallery plugin just download and install in your site and after that you can add the images.all images show in your frontend...
  5. Dragosla

    Dragosla Paid Customer

    jassmee What sites? What gallery plugin :)
  6. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Thanks Mahawk for the help!
  7. exhaustor58

    exhaustor58 New Member

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