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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Norman Fernandez, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Norman Fernandez

    Norman Fernandez Paid Customer

    I just installed the free version of the software and I have a couple of questions.

    1 I got the software installed and working but there is no add link button on the page? In other words when I go to the directory main page there is no button to add a new link?

    2 Is there a user manual for the software somewhere?

    3 How would I customize the template so that it has my own directory name instead of the eSyndicat Directory Name on Top?

    4 Are there any customizers on here that could help with the add-ons that I want?

    5. How do I create the help page, the TOS and the other goodies on the bottom?

    Thanks, Norm
  2. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill eSyndicat Support Team

    Hello, Norman!

    Thank you to interest in our software!

    Some terms of user manual you can find here:

    You also could look on our forum. Also, you can send ticket to our support team, describes your problems and displays your ftp-cridentials. We'll glad to help you and make customizing for you.

  3. WTM

    WTM Loyal User

    Hey Norman!

    Welcome to eSyndiCat community!

    Here are some answers...

    1. As a standard feature of free version links submission to the root category is not allowed but there is a modification available if you search the forum.
    For the Pro version you can enable this feature from the Admin panel.

    3. To replace eSyndicat logo with your own all you need to do is find logo.gif image in the templates/Your_Template/img/ folder and replace it with your logo. Make sure you name it logo.gif and make it the same size as original (eSyndicat logo) image.

    4. There are many many modifications available if you read through the forum. If you need something special - eSyndiCat team could develop it for a fee.

    5. Help, About Us, TOS and other pages could be created from the admin panel (manage pages)

    I would suggest you play around and get comfortable with free version for now.

    When new Pro version is released (hopefully in the few weeks) - you switch to Pro 2.0.

    This way you will save some time and headaches updating twice.

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