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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vlad B., Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    We start adding new free templates in our repository. Some of them already available for download:

    If you have any really good and free templates or designs please post the link here and we will integrate them into eSyndicat template system. Thus you have chance to get template which you want ;)

    Best regards,
    eSyndicat team
  2. strategist

    strategist Paid Customer

  3. TopWebNames

    TopWebNames Paid Customer

    Hi Vlad. This is wonderful. There are way too few templates for 2.3.xx. I'm sorry though... I don't understand what you are asking for. Do you mean for us to suggest examples of:
    1 - eSyndiCat templates that are only for earlier versions?
    2 - Templates that others have created for their eSyndiCat directory?
    3 - Templates that are being used for other directory programs?
    4 - Look, style, colors, etc. on websites that aren't directories, like strategist posted?
    5 - Something else? If so, please explain.

    - About how many 2.3.xx templates are you going to produce?

    - About when might these be released?

  4. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    added to our TO DO list. Wait for updates in this thread.

    Hi! We want to produce as many 2.3(only) templates as possible, but we spent a lot of time on search new templates and designs. We can make esyndicat template from different sources, like pictures, psd files, other CMS templates. There is only one condition - template should be free and fine.
  5. strategist

    strategist Paid Customer


    This is excellent! thank you
  6. TopWebNames

    TopWebNames Paid Customer

    Templates, templates, templates! :)

    Hi Vlad. This is excellent, and VERY much needed. I'm sure that having a much greater, and especially wider variety of templates available will be VERY appreciated by existing customers, and will definitely help attract far more new customers. The more templates, the better!

    I'll start searching and sending what I think are exceptionally nice themes, color schemes, layouts, etc.

    Something very much missing are classy adult templates, and template color schemes that might work well for adult themes, such as shades of red, red and black, pink, pink and blue, etc.


  7. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    If you have any themes in mind - just let us know. We will integrate them.

    Currently we are going to focus on freeware templates and later we will make them on our own
  8. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

  9. osr

    osr Paid Customer

    Instead of new templates we need a working updater from 2.2. and a way to migrate languages. :sos:
  10. strategist

    strategist Paid Customer

  11. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for your request. Anyway, these both tasks (templates and updater/migrator) are not related in any way. Coders are working on templates integration and developers have a long todo list and your requested tasks are in the list already.
  12. Dizasta

    Dizasta Paid Customer

  13. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

  14. TopWebNames

    TopWebNames Paid Customer

  15. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    Good work! We will look through these sites and I'm sure we will find some beautiful templates.
  16. TopWebNames

    TopWebNames Paid Customer

    Hi Vlad,

    1 - Are there any new templates coming out soon? If so, what and when?

    2 - Do you have any templates that would be good color schemes for adult directories?


  17. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    Hi Steve,
    With this thread we provide our customers availability to order templates for their directories. Right now there are no new templates because there are no orders :)
    If you found some good templates (for adult directories also) please let us know and we will integrate them.

  18. gifts

    gifts Paid Customer

  19. gifts

    gifts Paid Customer

    I appreciate that the team has a lot of other work on the go but one thing that I used to like about this script when it first started out was the fact that there used to be a core number of common templates that were upgraded to match the script upgrades. As this is the no longer the case this means that all my directories now have to use the default template that comes with the script or try and find a different template to use. I used to be able to upgrade knowing that the different templates I used to use would be availabe but this is no longer the case. Not everyone can afford to have unique designs made or pay for upgrades to be done on templates so it would be nice if there was say a set of ten or more common templates that were kept up to date with the script so that at least we will have more of an option other than the default one that comes with the script.

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