Is my directory Dofollow?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by brasil67, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. brasil67

    brasil67 New Member


    I did post in few forums to publish my directory, but one guy told me twice this,
    "Dofollow does not exist!" and ask him what does mean and he said could not be more clear as is, so my question is how I can make sure if my directory is Dofollow, or if there is any how we can change it.


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  2. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Hello brasil67!
    Welcome to our support forums.
    First of all, please read this article.
    Actually «Dofollow» links mean links that have «nofollow» attribute. Your directory has both. So I don't know what this guy actually meant.
    As you can read in the article, nofollow links are not bad things.
    Though, maybe this guy meant that on the forums where you published your directory, the link to your directory is nofollow. So try to check it.
  3. brasil67

    brasil67 New Member

    Thanks for your reply,
    Sorry but still have question after reading that article, I could not get the point, for my directory in PR4 what is best to do with?

    This was part the announces that I did in other forum.
    Regardless of the option, they are all dofollow links.

    and then he type this.
    Dofollow does not exist!

    Please tell me what is the best way to do in my older directories, also I will start new directories in this week and what will be the best way for new directory.

    Sorry I'm really newby in SEO.

  4. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    I still can not understand why this guy need dofollows?
    Could you explain me?

    Anyway if your site has/has not nofollow links it doesn't influence on your PR.
    If some external links on your site are dofollow they «take» a little part of your PR for the site the link points to.
  5. brasil67

    brasil67 New Member

    I think the mistake was mine because, I was offering that my directory is do follow listing so then he came telling me that, now I will stop after catch the vision of that , anyway so will be all the paid submission dofollow?, how I will know that, because I noticed there is some free submission is dofollow, I did check some free list and with this links does not have any flag is when there is flag it show as nofollow , is this link dofollow?

    I wish to offer only dofollow when is paid submission.

  6. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Here is a little modification that will make all sponsored, featured and partner listings' URLs dofollow and regular listings' URLs — nofollow.

    [Open the file templates/your-current-template/view-listing.tpl]

    [Find this line: ]
    <td><a href="{$listing.url|lower}" id="l{$}" {if $config.new_window}target="_blank"{/if}>{$listing.title}</a></td>
    [Replace it with this one: ]

    <td><a href="{$listing.url|lower}" id="l{$}" {if $config.new_window}target="_blank"{/if} {if $listing.partner eq '0' && $listing.sponsored eq '0' && $listing.featured eq '0'}rel="nofollow"{/if}>{$listing.title}</a></td>
    [Save the changes]
  7. Commic

    Commic Paid Customer

    This works nicely and was just what I was looking for.

    A small addition would even make it complete;

    If the Reciprocal URL of the Regular URL is NOT empty, the nofollow should not be added.
    For seo reasons this would be good for the link juice :)

    In that context; I see no anchor text with the link.
    Is there some way an anchor text could be added, preferably as a field in the 'suggest listing form'? (I am sure it can but I would have no clue as where to start :)

    Thanks for the good work though!
  8. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Replace the same line with:
    <td><a href="{$listing.url|lower}" id="l{$}" {if $config.new_window}target="_blank"{/if} {if $listing.partner eq '0' && $listing.sponsored eq '0' && $listing.featured eq '0' && $listing.recip_valid eq '1'}rel="nofollow"{/if}>{$listing.title}</a></td>
    Create a text field and use the smarty tag: {$listing.field_name}
    where «field_name» is the name you would give to the field.
  9. Commic

    Commic Paid Customer

    Alex, the first solution worked great. After replacing it with your scnd suggestion, the rel='nofollow' disappears on all my listings including those that have an empty reciprocal field.

    As far as {$listing.field_name} is concerned, must I include the Smarty tag in the template where I want it?
  10. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Does your script checks for valid reciprocal link? Probably, that caused the issue.
    You have to check all the listings for reciprocal links first. Otherwise remove the code: && $listing.recip_valid eq '1'.
    That's right.
  11. ksgboy2

    ksgboy2 Paid Customer

    this work for me but when i have && $listing.recip_valid eq '0' insteed of && $listing.recip_valid eq '1'

    The problem is if i have Reciprocal listing checking ON then there is no possibility to suggest link without reciprocal link and i get - Please make sure you use a backlink from your domain.
  12. SirOwen

    SirOwen New Member

    This really work good.This is what ive been searching. Thanks! [​IMG]
  13. jassmee

    jassmee New Member

    Install do-follow tool that display your directory is do-follow or not do-follow.
  14. michal89

    michal89 New Member

    directory link follow link only do fellow link not it is a SEO site promotion..............!

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