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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by seven, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    I have problem to install esyndicat.
    I'm install the software but i dont see images and css file.
    Possible to help me.

    Tnk u
  2. redeye

    redeye Moderator

    First thing I would suggest is to upload all the files again and re-install. There may have been a couple missing or corrupted during the initial upload.
  3. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    Hello i have make 6 re-install of the script. :(
  4. redeye

    redeye Moderator

    OK seven, wait for one of the tech guys to come online and they will sort the problem for you.
  5. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    ok no problem i wait
    tnk u
  6. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Just a guess ???
    Did you:
    chmod 777 templates/<template_name>/css/style.css
  7. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    Hello Greg...
    Hi see the set chmod on this file. I change chmod in 777 but the server change this permission in chmod 664.
    Impossible install esyndicat in this server :(
  8. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    ..sorry .....
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2006
  9. Sergey Ten

    Sergey Ten <b>eSyndiCat Lead Developer</b>

    Hello seven,

    I could install eSyndiCat on your server. I just need your FTP and CPanel details. Please send me credentials and I will install eSyndiCat as soon as possible.
  10. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    No problem for this moment I change server !! If i want reinstall on old server i contact you !!
    Tnks very much
  11. seven

    seven Paid Customer

    the problem persist :(
  12. John Turner

    John Turner New Member

    Hi seven,

    If you still have troubles with installation, please send me via email your FTP/CPanel/AdminPanel credentials on jturner[at] I will try to install script for you.

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