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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by webfadds, May 10, 2006.

  1. webfadds

    webfadds Paid Customer

    Hello -

    I followed the instructions (hopefully did not miss anything), but when I try to install, I get:

    1. Executing SQL structure...
    Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: 'hoagie@localhost' (Using password: YES) in links/install/index.php on line 268
    Could not connect to MySQL server: Access denied for user: 'hoagie@localhost' (Using password: YES)
    2. Writing config file... OK

    Please advise.

    Thanks - Scott
  2. eddy2099

    eddy2099 Paid Customer


    You will need to set up the database in MySQL first with the database username and password which you specify.

    The error indicated can be caused by no database being set up or the db login credentials are wrong.
  3. webfadds

    webfadds Paid Customer

    Hi --
    Hey... thanks for the prompt reply. The database was indeed first set-up, and the username/password entered as detailed in the installation directions. In fact, the error details did recognize the username (hoagie). So... having done those things, I am not sure why the install is not working.

    Thanks - Scott
  4. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    Hello webfadds, your problem related with your database connection. It's possible that you haven't made privileges for that user and database. Could you give me your cpanel credentials so I can check your problem?
  5. webfadds

    webfadds Paid Customer

    Hello Nick --

    Thanks very much for your help. I have sent you the details you requested by email -- please proceed on installation.

    I did try a number of solutions, but at this point will appreciate your practised installation skills.

    Please advise on completion of installation.

    Yours - Scott
  6. mtnrocker

    mtnrocker Paid Customer

    I ran into that problem too... I don't remember exactly what step .... but it's going to be one of these fixes:

    • Permissions - make sure all the permissions are set to 777 on all the folders and files that the instructions require.

    • MySQL admin - my server added the first eight letters of my website name to my usernname, and cut off the last two letters of my username .... example: my username is "mtnrocker" ..... the SQL admin made my username into "wrightwo_mtnrock"

    Open up your MySQL admin and see what it says under users.... this will be your username.

    Hope this helps B)
  7. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    Hello Scott, please let me know your domain name and I will install script for your, as I have already got your cpanel credentials by email.

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