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Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Sola, May 28, 2006.

  1. Sola

    Sola Paid Customer

    I have a Powerseek DB/site that I'd like moved to my new eSyndicat Pro.

    Has anyone done this before? Is there some import script available?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Sergey Ten

    Sergey Ten <b>eSyndiCat Lead Developer</b>

    Hello Sola,

    I could migrate your DB. Please email me your dump or CSV file.
  3. WTM

    WTM Loyal User

    Hey Sergey,

    Could you give me an example how to format sql file to be able import it to database.
    What I am trying to do is create "categories.sql" file with couple of hundreds categories compatible with Pro version so I could just import this file into new install instead of entering all categories manually.
    The fields I want:
    1. Category name
    2. Category description
    3. Category keywords

    and also same fields for subcategories...


  4. Sola

    Sola Paid Customer

    Will do! Thanks!
  5. Sola

    Sola Paid Customer

    File sent. Thanks.
  6. Sergey Ten

    Sergey Ten <b>eSyndiCat Lead Developer</b>

    Hello Sola,

    I received your dump. I will try migrate your data as soon as possible.

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