I bought esyndicat hosted plans, and the company I have yet set the directory

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    i purchase plan as those hosted by 1:00 pm today.and this is the time that is not yes set the website, I think they should have better customer service, so i send two or three emails, and I have not even responded back , I know they do not work weekends, but they should not sell the software on the weekends, to avoiding delays and the client keep happy to recommend and continue to use the product .... this is the site www. blogsdominicanos.com

    i hope some one can set this up..

    email from you hosting..

    para usuario

    mostrar detalles 07:31 (Hace 0 minutos)

    Dear henry ramirez,

    Congratulations, your new hosting account has been setup. The details on your account are located below:

    cPanel Url: blogsdominicanos.net/cpanel
    Account Username: userxxx
    Account Password: xxxxxxx
    Account IP Address:
    Domain Name: blogsdominicanos.net
  2. Vasily B.

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    Now it looks like your site works fine. Please confirm.

    Anyway, just a side note - our tech staff does not work on weekends so I suppose that's the reason for the delay.

    I'm sorry for that

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