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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by inspectorthor, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. inspectorthor

    inspectorthor Paid Customer

    I had about 2500 pages indexed in Google. We had to modify the categories. This made a lot of 404 URL not found. I think this is why Google drooped me to about 800 pages indexed.

    I am now worried that I will not regain these indexed pages. Also I have none in MSN and only a few in Yahoo!

    What can I do to gain more indexed pages? What am I going good, what am I doing wrong?

    Also I noticed all my pages index are .inspectionlocator/ and are not www.inspectionlocator . com/Alaska is this good or bad? How can I change this?

    The site is www.

    Thanks for the feedback
  2. smartpc

    smartpc Paid Customer

    it`s big G shuffle time there messing with the algo...

    loads of top sites loosing indexed pages and bouncing to oblivion

    login to webmaster and check all 404`s then 301 them all.

    Then submit all the 404`s for removal. You can submit entire directories in one go.

    Dont mess with indexed pages. You maybe be flagged for duplicate content if the response was 404 instead of 301 and G comes along and finds the new page with the same content as the 404`d cached page......

    You should 301 before you 404 time will tell
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  3. seo_marketing

    seo_marketing New Member

    If you keep providing fresh and unique content ,it will definatly be indexed by Google and other serps
  4. megrisoft

    megrisoft New Member

    Try to get deep linking of your site I mean get inbound links to your internal pages
  5. braan

    braan New Member

    -Title tags should contain keywords with H1 or H2 tags.
    -Keywords should be in bold or italic.
    -The site should have good keyword density.
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  6. RAJSINGLA1779

    RAJSINGLA1779 New Member

    you can do forum posting & social bookmarking
  7. Addisonn

    Addisonn New Member

    Hello guys....!
    I think forum posting,blog commenting and article submission are the best ways to get more and more traffic and increase page rank.....!
  8. Boon20

    Boon20 New Member

    One can improve the page rank by doing as:

    Content is king , so please update it randomly.
    Online blogging
    Social media attachment
    article writing

    Continuous attachment with website is also another feature to get high page rank.Sorting out the problems and have a look on the other sites to follow.
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  9. bhatnagar.ashish001

    bhatnagar.ashish001 New Member

    How to get higher rankings

    Forum Posting and Directory submission in high PR directories are the best method of getting higher rankings in google.
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  10. jamhassan110

    jamhassan110 New Member

    Quality always matter in SEO , Keep updating your Website with Content that is written for Users not for SEO purpose you will defiantly get Good SERP in few days as your new content get indexed
  11. thejman

    thejman New Member

    Interesting. Hopefully it's still relevant now after the Pandora update recently by Google. Everything changes so fast in the SEO industry.
  12. SirOwen

    SirOwen New Member

    Yes, I agree it would build more traffic. They are the great ways to have a lot of traffic. [​IMG]
  13. suspa555

    suspa555 New Member

    With the help of quality link building.
  14. SirOwen

    SirOwen New Member

    Try to dig deep links. [​IMG]
  15. Asher ross

    Asher ross New Member

    To earn good backlinks you need to have backlinks from high PR websites and backlniks from niche related website can help you to get traffic for your website as well.
  16. rabia

    rabia New Member

    i think forum posting and blog commenting are the best ways to improve page ranking.....
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  17. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member

    Forum posting is used to get better rankings. Posting on forums with a link in your signature could result in quality backlinks, improving the popularity and overall search engine ranking of your website. When the search engine spiders crawls the forums, your signature links will be detected, and will provide you with many backlinks within a very short period of time.
  18. neominds

    neominds Paid Customer

    Yes you are right, i add real time news feeds to my site through rss parsed to html. And you can add more tricks like this.
  19. seecol

    seecol New Member

    Here are the top 10 SEO Optimization tips you must know about to get better ranking

    1. Targeting a long tail keyword
    2. Perfect Keyword Placement
    3. Write quality and unique content
    4. Build Back links
    5. Use main keyword as anchor text
    6. Social media promotion
    7. Optimize your image
    8. Video Content
    9. Use SEO Pressor Plugin
    10. Be Patient
  20. lyndawass

    lyndawass New Member

    I think you should focusing on your site content and its loading time. You should get a fresh content within a regular time interval

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