Here are templates ready for PRO 1.2

Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Greg, May 13, 2006.

  1. Greg

    Greg Moderator

  2. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Did you post this twice :tik:
  3. Greg

    Greg Moderator


    They're "updated" templates so I figured it would go here in the "Updates" forum.

    They are "Existing Templates" so I also added it to the "Existing Templates" forum.

    And I'll bet you anything someone is going to ask "are the templates updated yet"
  4. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Probably! :]
  5. apresman

    apresman New Member

    Are you going to update eThird?
  6. scanreg

    scanreg Paid Customer

    I could use eThird, too :)
  7. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    There is no eThird template anymore... but there is SunnyDay which exactly the same and it has already updated for pro 1.2 ;)
  8. redeye

    redeye Moderator

    Just downloaded Sunnyday, Colorburst and Bluewater.

    Enabling Adsense seems to break all these templates, or has the code to be fixed?
  9. linky

    linky Paid Customer

    What mods were needed to update the templates?

    I customized a template for pro version 1.1 and I wonder if my template will work with pro 1.2.

  10. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Hello Linky

    I customised my template for V1.1 and i used the upgrade which went very well almost immediately, however i could see from V1.2 that there were a lot of changes, so i had to file compare, and do some cutting & pasting of certain codes (dont ask which coz i can't remember now). All depends on how much you willing to put in really :good:
  11. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    2 redeye
    Follow these instructions to fix adsense problem in BlueWater template:
    ***open header.tpl***
    **find the following code and remove it***
    <td align="center" colspan="2">{$adsense}</td>
    All other templates have no such problem (I have just tested them), please try to generate your adsense code again.

    2 linky
    WTM posted here rather clean instructions about templates upgrade:
  12. redeye

    redeye Moderator

    Thanks Nick
  13. linky

    linky Paid Customer

    Thanks Loren for the heads up.
    And for confirming my fears :(

    I guess I'll have a long wkend, oh well. ;)

    ...... it wasn't so bad - i did both temps in a night - just a few alterations
  14. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    You are welcome ;)
  15. gitschi

    gitschi Paid Customer


    Please can you tell me, when the template SkyDancer is ready for the new Pro 1.2 - Version ???

    Thanks & Kind Regards from Austria .... gitsch
  16. Nick Collins

    Nick Collins Guest

    It's already ready :) You can download it right now!

    :eek:fftopic:I was in you country and I really like it! I miss about Vienna and Salzburg especially.
  17. gitschi

    gitschi Paid Customer

    Thanks ...

    I tested it yesterday - today I changed to SunnyDay, because some files are not included in the SkyDancer - template.... :-((
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2006
  18. gitschi

    gitschi Paid Customer


    thumbs generally (all templates) NOT working (need configuration or account at ???).

    THANKS, KR Othmar
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2006
  19. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Please try again now. I checked and it should be fine now.
  20. gitschi

    gitschi Paid Customer

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2006

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