Happy Birthday Sergey L

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bobby01, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Bobby01

    Bobby01 Paid Customer

    You are very special
    and you deserve the best.
    I wish you a wonderful life
    filled with love and happiness.
    I hope others bring you joy,
    just as you've brought joy to me,
    then you can weather any storm
    and be all you want to be.
    Happy Birthday
    From Poland:friends::applause::beer::1st::cool-yo:
  2. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Take my greetings also, Sergey :) Keep up the good work!
  3. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    Happy birthday, mate!:good:
    all the best for you!
  4. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday dear Sergey!

    I wish you a prosperous future!
    Glad to know you!

    Sorry for my English. :)

    С днем Рождения Сергей!

    Желаю тебе процветающего будущего!
    Рад знать тебя! :)
  5. Sergey L.

    Sergey L. New Member

    Many thanks to All!!!
    Very nice to hear so many kind words targeting my modest person :)
  6. smartpc

    smartpc Paid Customer

    :beer: :cool-yo: :smoke: %) :bue: good times lol Happy Birthday......
  7. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Happy Birthday Sergey :beer:
  8. majnoon

    majnoon Paid Customer

    Happy birthday Sergey and hope you have a nice one.
  9. gifts

    gifts Paid Customer

    Happy Birthday hope you had a great day.
  10. Sergey Ten

    Sergey Ten <b>eSyndiCat Lead Developer</b>

    Happy Birthday Sergey :good:
  11. truthonlytruth

    truthonlytruth Paid Customer

    Happy Birthday... :)
  12. Sergey L.

    Sergey L. New Member

    Many many thanks for All!
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