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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Vlad B., Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member


    Hello everyone!

    If you want to change how looks and feels your directory - it is your chance!
    We are glad to announce 2 weeks of great discounts for templates development and integration.

    Now unique design development and its integration costs just $189. You could save at least $61!
    Our renewed portfolio is available for upload here:

    Also, ready design integration starts at $119 now. Just provide us template design and we will integrate it in 4 working days ;)

    This proposal ends on 31 October 2011, so do not miss it.

    You may order template development or integration by ticket:
  2. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    For which version of the script is this offer valid?
    I have read in this forum that version 3.0 has been planned; is this true?
  3. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    We are going to release the new eSyndicat version within the next 2 weeks.
    It will be 2.4 version.

    All new developed templates will be compatible with it.
  4. Sai_dallas

    Sai_dallas Paid Customer

    I don't need a completely custom template.

    Just need the look of the template changed to match the content I put in.

    what is the price for that.

  5. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member


    The price depends of content used in your directory.

    Please submit a ticket in our helpdesk and I will be glad to discuss with you about details of your request:
  6. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    That is great news! I will come back to your team then!
  7. safatweb

    safatweb Anil

    I want a custom template :) I have submitted a ticket..
  8. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

    Thank you for your requests, I will reply you in the ticket :)
  9. truthonlytruth

    truthonlytruth Paid Customer

    GOOD NEWS.... :dance2: :yahoo: :beer: :applause:
  10. Ricardo Corai

    Ricardo Corai Paid Customer

    Where can I buy these templates?
    Are all of them commercials?
  11. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member

  12. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    Hi Vlad

    Anything new about an updated time-table?

    Best, Lars
  13. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    EDIT - I will check out this now:

    Trying again...
    When do you release the new pro version 2.4? I have seen an announcement for a new free version, but not for a new pro version, or have I missed something?

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2011
  14. Vlad B.

    Vlad B. New Member


    You didn't miss anything :)
    We released free version only - Cushy.
    The pro version will be available for download by mid of January.

    Best wishes in the new year for you!
  15. lsb

    lsb Paid Customer

    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for this info!

  16. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Any updates on when 2.4 ProVersion will be released?
  17. ganodan

    ganodan Paid Customer

    I would like to know how 2.4 is progressing as well.
  18. Greg

    Greg Moderator

    Last report on this was on Feb. 3 via Twitter.
    How about just a hint when it may be released. :wink:

  19. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Just see this thread non commented.
    The version has been released :)

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