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Discussion in 'Marketplace / Link Exchange' started by snowbird, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. snowbird

    snowbird New Member

    I know there are a good number of eSyndicat directory owners and would like to invite them to be listed on the VMOptions free directory list. Please note only free general directories appear on this list. Info for getting listed can be found on the page.

    I'm looking forward to sending your free general directory some additional traffic. :)
  2. Sunil

    Sunil New Member

    ok, thank u very much to share with us.
  3. regalshadow

    regalshadow New Member

    hi there! great directory list, thanks for sharing.. I have a directory list as well, would you mind me sharing my directory here?.. it includes classified ads and job posting too, I would be glad if you can include this in your huge list as well.. :good:
  4. miniboo

    miniboo New Member

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. RAJSINGLA1779

    RAJSINGLA1779 New Member

    thanks Dear ! we will submit in this site.
  6. anurag1234

    anurag1234 New Member

    thanks for sharing....will soon submit in it....
  7. RAJSINGLA1779

    RAJSINGLA1779 New Member

    we will contact you soon .
  8. goheritage

    goheritage New Member

    thank for posting ...we will work on it

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