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Discussion in ' Site and Forums Questions' started by nicabrian, May 31, 2011.

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    I was wanting to know is there a specific location on the forum where one can hire a knowledgeable person to help fix errors, educate and help create directories on a contract basis.

    I am not questioning to take work away from eSyndicat crew or the forum. They work hard at what they do. But as their base of software users grows their time becomes extremely limited trying to help us all. Plus to be honest the time to search the forum is very extensive. An area of expenditure I am drastically trying to cut back as in our case it is not efficient use of time.

    Therefor to help eliminate part of those problems as well as to help develop an even stronger base of users if there are some very knowledgeable eSyndicat users who would like to earn a little extra I would certainly be interested.

    Would also be interested in knowing if there are other users who could utilize such a service?

    Yes there will be some hicups and the guys of eSyndicat would have to develop some guidelines so as to assure the service is an asset to them as opposed to a liability. But I think things have grown to a point this service would greatly fill in some of the time problems currently existing for all.



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