eSyndiCat 'Outer-Space' template

Discussion in 'User interface' started by VelnetDesigns, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. VelnetDesigns

    VelnetDesigns Paid Customer

    Velnet designs templates are pleased to announce a new eSyndicat template called : 'outer-space'
    You can download it here
    A live demo is available here
    Need a unique eSyndicat theme, please contact us

    This theme was created for eSyndicat 2.1 PRO version
  2. Dave Baker

    Dave Baker New Member

    Good work :good:
  3. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Heh, nice template. Thanks Velnet designs
  4. mala

    mala Paid Customer

    Beautiful design.
  5. DomainEngineer

    DomainEngineer New Member

    The demo doesn't work anymore?
  6. Anamika1

    Anamika1 New Member


    Thanks for your wonderful template and i downloaded this template also.

    Thanks Dear,:applause:
  7. enkon

    enkon New Member

    Download link is not working.
  8. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    enkon, the thread was created about 4 years ago, and template was done for 2.1 version.

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