eSyndiCat 2.3.02 Released!

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  1. Vasily B.

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    We are sorry for one week delay with the release. Anyway, now patch is ready and you can download it from your downloads area.

    Here is the list of changes.


    #1. phrase search in 2.3
    #2. incorrect broken listings checking
    #3. Problem with navigation for category with html extension
    #4. Move to ROOT category after action
    #5. Upgrading plugin functionality
    #6. CKeditor does not work in Google Chrome
    #7. image upload
    #8. Plans Categories
    #9. categories order
    #10. Refresh plan list on suggest listing page
    #11. Reciprocal box doesn't hide if plan is free
    #12. Listing status on edit page
    #13. Account item menu bug
    #14. Menu items bug
    #15. Config editor attribute bug.
    #16. user redirect to login page
    #17. Edit Listing not possible
    #18. Print categories URL bug.
    #19. Edit Listing Broken
    #20. recheck CRON for PR updates
    #21. Can't remove crossed categories
    #22. Cron job remove all listings
    #23. edit sponsored listing
    #24. move checks for new versions on index page only
    #25. enable DEBUG by default

    and some other small bugfixes and improvements.

    Please MAKE BACKUP of your files and database

    Patch is also available. Installation is simple - just reupload files from patch and run SQL update file from
    Admin Panel -> Manage Database -> Import

    Let us know if you have any questions.
  2. Sur

    Sur Paid Customer

    When I try to Import SQL comes up this error

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