Earn with esyndicat custom addons

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    Earn with eSyndiCat

    We are happy to introduce a new significant feature at eSyndiCat.com. It's the possibility to upload your own plugins, templates, or languages and share them with the rest members of our website. You can set a price for them and sell through our website so you get instant immediate access to the thousands of webmasters using eSyndiCat directory software. Sounds good, doesn't it?

    Get involved in development

    So what steps do you need to take to release any of addons?
    1. Login to esyndicat.com under using your account
    2. Click My Account in the Account Menu
    3. Switch your Account Type. You should choose the following option: 'I will release my own addons here and want to sell them through the website'

    You must fill in your paypal email. We will use this email account to send the money for your sales.

    Once you click Save Changes you should click Manage Products menu item and make sure if you really have a software license as you are not allowed to release Pro version addons without a software license.

    On Manage Products page you can see a new element in Account Menu - Manage Addons. You can click it - it's the page where you manage all your information about your released addons, sales, and payments.

    You can set a price for your released addon and sell it through our website. Once you have a sale you can see it in your Manage Addons -> Financial Info section at esyndicat.com website. The eSyndiCat Team takes 20% comission of each sale. The funds are sent to your paypal email in the beginning of a new month.
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    how about making them?

    Is there any protection for the script?
    Can you sell template as well?
    Do you have any static how many people are actully buying if it is worth it?

    Any doc about how to make script or template?

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