Custom Meta Tags on View-link page, How i did it

Discussion in 'Modifications' started by ruin7xx, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. ruin7xx

    ruin7xx New Member

    Honestly, i think this script is great. It is pretty customizable depending on how creative you are and how much work your willing to put in. Anyways, i was reading a thread before that mentioned that there isnt any keywords or descriptions in the view-link page meta tags. So heres what i did...

    Note: This will work, but please backup your files just incase.

    Duplicated header.tpl >> header2.tpl

    opened >> view-link.tpl edit and found:

    {include file="header.tpl"}

    and changed it to {include file="header2.tpl"} (save)...

    Then I opened header2.tpl and found:

    <meta name="description" content="{$description}" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="{$keywords}" />

    and replaced it with:

    <meta name="description" content="{$link.customdescription}" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="{$link.customkeyword}" />(save)

    Upload files: header2.tpl and view-link.tpl(updated with new include) to appropriate folders

    Then go to the admin panel > manage link fields and create the two fields accordingly(customkeyword and customdescription). Make these custom fields admin view only.

    Go to the language editor and update it:
    'customdescription' => 'customdescription',
    'customkeyword' => 'customkeyword',

    Now go to manage links, and click 'edit' for an individual listing. You should see two new fields there. These are your new custom keyword and description fields.

    Well, hope i didnt leave anything out, and hopefully someone gets some use out of it!;)
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  2. ruin7xx

    ruin7xx New Member

    Also, if you would like your index page meta tags to be different than your category page meta tags, you can use:

    Modify header.tpl, and use the 'if category' condition...

    <meta name="description" content="{if $categories}index description{else}{$description}{/if}" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="{if $categories}index keywords{else}{$keywords}{/if}" />

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  3. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill eSyndicat Support Team

    Thanks for the mod, ruin7xx!
  4. ruin7xx

    ruin7xx New Member

    welcome !
  5. pandha

    pandha New Member

    does it work in free version?
  6. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill eSyndicat Support Team

    Hello, pandha!

    Wellcome to Support Forum!

    I think no, in any case you can test it, code is simple. But to my mind, in free version you can't manage link's fields.
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  7. ciocgun

    ciocgun New Member

    has anyoine tried in free version?
  8. Holger Veith

    Holger Veith Paid Customer

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  9. Holger Veith

    Holger Veith Paid Customer


    Go to the language editor and update it:
    'customdescription' => 'customdescription',
    'customkeyword' => 'customkeyword',

    what i have to do - can you explain it?
  10. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill eSyndicat Support Team

    Hi, Holger!

    Open file language/English.php and add your strings.
  11. Shannon Hutcheson

    Shannon Hutcheson Crazy Cat Lady

    Thank you for this suggestion.

    I can confirm it works perfectly in v2.0 as well.
  12. kamy81

    kamy81 Paid Customer

    I am using 2.1 version with applied patch 2.1.02
    Is this same for this version also and where is the language/English.php
  13. iwebopti

    iwebopti New Member

    Hi guy's
    you seem to be the people to ask this question.

    i am trying to add a new pages to the v1.5 ie:company info, company terms, and help text can any of you help me in what to do or where to go to find the help i need.

    Thanks in advance
  14. ibs

    ibs .

    There is no English.php file the new version has this in integrated into the database, now much much easier. In admin pannel go to COMMON Tab and then to Language Manager... then do your magic there

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