Creating a REAL VALUE free directory list, dare to join ?

Discussion in 'Marketplace / Link Exchange' started by kiviniar, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. kiviniar

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    Now with pratically 100's of Free Directory Lists out there, what could I possibily mean by a REAL VALUE free directory list ?

    Ok, to even get you thinking in that direction let me ask you a question.

    What makes your time a big waste with free directory submissions ?

    I practically submit to a few thousand free web directories on a monthly basis and there is this one thing that bother me the most.

    The fact that my link will never be reviewed in a few hundred of those. Yes, its a fact that in some directories the free link submit is a farce.

    People want the free submision traffic and the backlinks from the hundred of free web directory lists, but never are a free web directory in real sense.

    They use the free submit option as a means to get free traffic and PR and pick up a few paid submissions along the way.

    Also, as I undertake directory submission work for a few client every month, I wanted to create a REAL VALUE free directory list that would justify their money and my time spent on such submissions.

    So here I am.

    This list will exclusively contain web directories that REALLY Review and Add QUALITY free submission to their directory index.

    This directory list would be split in two parts as such:

    1. Directories reviewing within 10 days of submission

    2. Directories reviewing within 10 - 30 days of submission

    So if you are a free web directory owner who really reviews free submissions and with speed. Please post your web directories for inclusion on this list.

    Trust me, we will soon have a cult following.

    p.s. I am personally going to verify your claims of a quick review as i always have a few client sites in my kitty to submit too. NO FAKE CLAIMS PLEASE

    Please post below to let me add your directories to this list in this format

    This list would be made here and would be promoted as soon as i have a few decent verified numbers:
  2. Jsny

    Jsny Paid Customer

    I'm always looking for good, quality sites in my directory. Give me a try, my template isn't looking to good at the moment, but I'm working on it.
    review time: max 14 days for free submissions

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