chmod 777 after installation

Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by Ioannis Freris, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Ioannis Freris

    Ioannis Freris Paid Customer

    Do i leave these directories or files with 777 after install?


    Suggest link or Suggest category doesnt work, so I am wondering about been hacked.

    p.s. I have updated with patch 1.2.02
  2. Dave Baker

    Dave Baker New Member

    Helllo Ioannis Freris,
    Please explain in more detail what occurs after suggestion link/category.
    Which version and what template do you use?
  3. Ioannis Freris

    Ioannis Freris Paid Customer

    Hi Dave Baker,

    I am using Pro 1.2 with 1.2.01 / 1.2.02 + crons + sitemap , for template i use turnkeywebdirectory, but the same happens when i use Greenleaves.
    I did the update yesterday afternoon and i noticed the problem last night.

    I trasfered the code from Greenleaves template to turnkeywebdirectory because it was working only for 1.5 Free. I am using turnkeywebdirectory for more than 10 days without a problem.

    Suggest link or Suggest category when I click on them, opens a window telling me to same the php file of the page. (suggest-category.php or suggest-link.php)
    I renamed those files to .bak because the hosting support told me that they reserve too many resources when someone click on them.

    I also cant backup the database it tells me to save manage-database.php
  4. Sergey Ten

    Sergey Ten <b>eSyndiCat Lead Developer</b>

  5. buyersguides

    buyersguides Paid Customer

    Good Day,

    My hosting provider raised security concerns about the 777 permissions as well.
    Can it be changed after installation without any problems?
  6. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    Hi buyersguides,
    Actually you can make unwritable
    includes/ and includes/
    but other directories should be writable for uploading and Smarty compiled files.
  7. buyersguides

    buyersguides Paid Customer

    Thanks for letting me know. I will look into this more detailed after I have completed the installation at the moment I'm getting the error:
  8. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    please check if you have a database called "buyersguides".
    If the DB exists, please send me your cPanel or FTP/phpMyAdmin credentials, I will investigate the problem, else you should create that database.
  9. buyersguides

    buyersguides Paid Customer

    Hello Alex,
    Thanks for the offer to help. The problem has been resolved. the hostname for the MySQL had to be spelled correctly.
  10. Alex B.

    Alex B. Member

    oh, I'm glad that the problem is solved!
    If you need any help feel free to ask anyway =)
  11. buyersguides

    buyersguides Paid Customer

    Thanks for the offer I will work on the directory a bit later again:eek:oi:.

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