Admin username and password, do I make up one???

Discussion in 'Installation and Updates' started by webber, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. webber

    webber New Member

    I am real new here,,,

    Question: I am getting ready to install, and am being asked for Admin username and password. on the instructions is states they are asking for the eSyndiCat administrater info. Do I just make up one? I wasn't given one.

  2. WTM

    WTM Loyal User

    During installation you will be asked for database info:

    - Database host
    - Database name
    - Database user name
    - Database user password

    Here you enter info for the database you created

    Also program will ask you for admin user name and password - this one you just pick your self
    This user name and password you will be using later to manage your directory.
  3. webber

    webber New Member

    Thank you WTM, install complete!
  4. netizen

    netizen New Member

    This is ok the time of installation. Later, if you want to change your user name or password, you cant do it at the present design. You can change the user name from the back end but, you can not change the password becaues the password is md5 encrypted. So, we really need a hack to change the admin user name and password from the Admin Panel itself.
  5. djbaxter

    djbaxter Not Actually a Rock Star

    The easiest thing would be to sign in as the existing Admin, create a second admin with new login info, then logout and back in as the new admin (optionally deleting the old Admin).
  6. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Yes i realised that myself when i came to change my password and realised i couldn't! Eeek Don't know about a hack :wink: but definately a facility like we have for the editors changing their passwords, oh and if you forget your admin name or password a forget facility for that too! After all Simon has assumed we can retain all this information and remember our passwords too..shsssh! :blink:
  7. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Yes that is one way, but if you look, you cannot delete the original admin name you set up with, unless you go to phpadmin, oh what a schlep! :huh:
  8. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Actually you can delete :) You just need to login under another admin name and then you will be able to modify your default account.

    Well, now I see it's not a good idea to forbid to modify your current admin account. I will improve this functionality
  9. Loren

    Loren Paid Customer

    Well i have just tried that and i can't login with the new admin name, thankfully havent deleted the old one...

    Yes i think that would be very useful to allow some of the default features to be able to be accessed from admin.. :good:

    Added: Update on what i said earlier, if you add another "Admin" as the name, it wont let you login, however if you change it to a totally different name and password, you can login and as Simon said you can delete that other Admin name created...

    Just a bit loathed to delete it incase i m locked out :D
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2006
  10. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for this tip, Loren. Now I know I should add a checking for unique admin name as well.
    Hmm, I thought I did that :wallbash:

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