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Discussion in 'Recommended Hosting - IntelliWebHost' started by jeba, May 19, 2008.

  1. jeba

    jeba Paid Customer

    Does anyone know when the 24/7/365 intelliwebhost support will be available or if it even exists? Along with their advertised 1 hour response time and 5 hour resolution period??

    Ive been waiting almost 5 days for my new account details and almost 3 days for an answer to a ticket..

  2. harly

    harly New Member


    Did you send a ticket to the support?
  3. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting this here. But please submit a ticket in intelliwebhost helpdesk and the guys will take care of the problem. We have different support departments
  4. jeba

    jeba Paid Customer

    Ive sent two tickets. Both are at least three to four days old, however they have finally replied, it seems that they dont work weekends as the reply was on Monday.. They definately dont have 24/7/365 support! So they shouldnt advertise that they do..
  5. Dmitry M.

    Dmitry M. New Member


    We are sorry for temporary inconvenience.
    IntelliWebHost still works 24/7.
    All your requests will be answered within the shortest periods of time.
    Also most of operations (such as creating new account) are done automatically immediately.

  6. Vasily B.

    Vasily B. Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to our support forums, Dmitry M.

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